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At Studio Four Sixty we don't believe in charging by the hour. The more experienced and talented designers will undoubtedly take less time to meet a projects objectives than an inexperienced designer.

Which is why, with our retainers there is no limit on hourly work. With your subscription enjoy the freedom of getting unlimited projects completed no matter how many hours of the month it has taken.

Graphic Design Retainer

An all inclusive graphic design solution. There are no limits to the amount of work, whatever you need, we got you covered with lighting fast turn around times.

Video Retainer

If video content is what you regularly need, this retainer is for you! Our passionate video editors and motion graphic artists are ready to join your team.

All inclusive Retainer

An all inclusive digital media solution. A once off monthly fee to tend to all your needs. With no limits to graphic, video and web.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact our team.

Is there a limit on how much work is needed?

No there is no limit to how much work is needed and briefed.

Will there ever be extra costs?

No extra costs no matter the amount of work done.

How long is the contract?

Initial contract is 3 months. Thereafter the contract will work on a month to month basis.

How quick is the turn around?

Once a brief is sent, working on the project will happen immediately and will be sent within the next 1/2 business days.

Are social media posts included in the graphic design retainer?

Social media posts can be included in the graphic design retainer if each post is briefed. Conceptualising and scheduled posting does not fall under the graphic design retainer.

Is conceptualising and scheduled posting for social media included in the all inclusive retainer?

Yes, conceptualising and scheduled posting is included in the all inclusive retainer if requested.

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